MasiJet Oy

We will solve your Packaging Problems.

We want to design and manufacture your packaging so that the whole supply chain is working perfectly. That’s why we are the right partner for your supply chain.

Our solutions

We are specialized for design and manufacture packaging solutions to sensitive and complex devices. We design, test and manufacture packaging always as tailor made service. That’s why we can take into account all special requirements and needs which are related to device and packaging around it.

Our key competence is packaging design process, which will enable us to create unique solutions, and still be fast and efficient. Standard solution can be accepted only when it is best solution, which means in our case very seldom.

Our customers

Quality protective cushioning since 1992.

Good package is elegant, protective, and economical. It must be also easy to use and easy to order,storage and recycle.

The padding is cut precisely and environmentally friendly to the shape required by the product using high-pressure water.

Sometimes best protective package is protective case or box made from heavy duty plastics.
With foam trays transportation of sensitive parts or tools is easy and safe.
We design and manufacture together with our partners tailor made wooden or plywood protective containers.
In the beginning we can make product assesment, where best solution for customer need is selected.