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Product packages

Good package is elegant, protective and economical. It must be also easy to use and easy to order,storage and recycle. We design and manufacture different type of packaging solutions according to packaging needs from cartoon or from plastics.
ESD packages are protecting sensitive devices from electro static dischange which can damage device. ESD protective trays made from polyethylene can be used to transport, for example, finished or semi-finished PCB boards.

Protective cushions

We are manufacturing from polyethylene soft foam plastics different kind of protective cushions for sensitive devices.
Protective cushions can be also top or bottom foams or foam sheets. Protective cushions can be cut exactly based on devices shapes due to waterjetcutting technology with 2000 bar pressure water environmental friendly.
Different thicknesses from polyethylene foam material can be manufactured by heat welding different layer together.

Protective cases and boxes

Sometimes best protective package is protective case or box made from heavy duty plastics. We design mand manufacture protective cushions with tailor made devices shapes to protective cases and boxes.

Transportation and tool trays

With foam trays transportation of sensitive parts or tools is easy and safe. When tool tray has dedicated recesses for each tool, there is no need for search right place or miss whole tool.

Protective container

We design and manufacture together with our partners tailor made wooden or plywood protective containers.

Containers have ISPM15 wooden products stamps so we can prepare whole export transportation package.

Protective containers are equipped with all needed protective cushions and all other straps etc. for transportation safely.

Packaging design

Challenge our designer! Packaging industry is developing fast. With long history in packaging industry we have very good understanding of possibilities in different materials and manufacturing methods.
In the beginning we can make product assesment, where best solution for customer need is selected. We can create several scenarios to understand all item related to usability,sustainability and package strengtness together with drop shock performance.
Elegant package reflects good quality of product inside it. Prototype model can be manufactured fast after design process and manufacture with waterjet cutting technology. Other tools are not needed so no unexpected costs. Modifying prototype is also fast and easy during design process.

MasiJet transportation trays

Materials: base 10mm HDPE + padding PE-NOM (black or gray) Dimensions: base 415 x 415 mm, padding 395 x 395 mm
Note! MasiJet can design and manufacture whatever size and thickness sub-base you need according to the dimensions! Our library of HVAC parts already has about 100 different parts that we can use!
We cut the parts with high-pressure water cutting, so there is no need for separate tool costs!
NC-controlled high-pressure water cutting is a precise, fast and flexible manufacturing method!
The parts platforms facilitate the inventory of parts and the replenishment of parts, you save costs and time!
The parts trays speed up the installation in the field when the parts are easily available in their respective places in the car

MasiJet welding gas plugs

MasiJet welding gas plugs for special welding according to your measurements! The MasiJet welding gas plugs intended for sealing the root gas of demanding pipe etc. weldings are made of flexible and malleable Polyester cellular plastic. The color of the material may vary and the thickness is 100-120mm.

We manufacture welding gas plugs by water cutting for a fixed price of €35.01 / piece (VAT0%) up to a diameter of 600mm! For larger quantities (+30 pcs) and diameters, ask for an offer!

Waterjetcutting services

We can cut customer own materials such as wool, hard plastics, plywood,rubber,silicone and Styrox foams. Some extra material as +10cm is needed for working area. Pay attention that for NC-waterjetcutting .dxf/.dwg/.stp file is needed.